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All hunters must have a valid LA small game license or a preserve license.

Dry Creek Ranch will no longer be issuing licenses. In order to acquire your license you may call 1-888-765-2602. An out of state preserve license costs $15.00. You may need to tell the operator that the code for a preserve license is 75. The code for a resident license is 28. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted. You will have to provide your full name, address, driver’s license number, date of

birth, eye color, hair color, height, weight, daytime phone number and social security number. 

If you were born after September 1, 1969 you will also have to provide your hunter education card number. If hunting mallards at Dry Creek Ranch Preserve you will need to purchase a STATE duck stamp only (not federal).

Keep the authorization number with you until your license arrives by mail.

Alcohol cannot be consumed prior to hunting

Guns must be plugged. No more than 3 shots allowed per gun at one time

Steel shot must be used for duck hunting

All hunters must wear orange safety vests or full orange hunting vests

Do not shoot to the rear of your group

 Watch for vehicles, 4-wheelers or trucks, passing on nearby paths or logging roads

Group will stay in a straight line no more than 30 feet abreast

Shooting limited to a 45-degree angle, watch low shots!

Stay with your guide in your group. Do not wander from your group!

Carry guns on safety at ALL times

BE SAFE you cannot erase a mistake in hunting!!!!

Just a reminder for all hunters arriving for an afternoon hunt, NO Alcohol is to be consumed before arriving at the ranch. Hunting that afternoon will not be allowed.


Zero tolerance policy!

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Our Ranch offers a main lodge as well as many cabins for an overnight stay. It is $60.00 per guest per night.


Any number of birds can be added to any hunt at the following rates:

Quail-- $9.00

Pheasants-- $25.00

Chukar-- $15.00